Professionalism in the Workplace

I’ve been working since 2011 and I’ve met different people from different industries. Professionalism not only inside the workplace, but also outside the physical office, is one of the most important traits and also one of the most difficult to master.

What I will write in this article is my personal experience. Please feel free to comment what you think, professionally. 🙂

First, I would like to say that I am not a role model. I am also in the process of practicing professionalism. It’s a broad term, but you can think of it as being polite as much as possible, and not letting your emotions control you especially in difficult situations. I know I still fail in that, so like I’ve said, I am still practicing.

I would like to start by criticizing myself. Here are my weaknesses, and I know some of you might relate.

1. I’m very frank. I find it difficult to sugarcoat things but I’m learning along the way. I admit I’ve hurt feelings of other people. I should have chosen different words and not be too insensitive.

2. I’m not very social. I believe that every person should be social to promote collaboration in the workplace. We are dependent from one another, and we will need one another at some point. Therefore, being social will even help us to do our tasks more effectively.

3. I have a short patience, and it leads to wrong decisions. The secret to prolonging one’s patience is to be very considerate of other people. Always empathize no matter how hard it is. Our situations are always different from other people.

4. My performance is affected by other people in the workplace. I think this is normal, but we should focus on our job instead. I always tell myself that I am being paid to work, and that it is unfair that I’m being paid even if my performance is not satisfactory.

5. I’m usually pessimistic. I always think of worst case scenarios and easily give up without thinking of possible solutions. Now I’ve learned that optimism will result to unexpected good results!
The following are the traits that should not be inside the workplace.

1. Being obviously lazy to the point of sleeping. I would understand that some employees may take naps because of heavy work; however, some of them lack sleep because of unacceptable reasons, such as watching TV and playing video games late at night. The company expects us to come to office to work and be productive.

2. Being very talkative that other employees are disturbed on their work. The stories to tell are endless, and some are repeatedly told. We should be sensitive and aware of other people. Every one should be productive!

3. Abusing common company resources that becomes unfair to other employees. Everyone must share the same privilege.

4. Looking down at other employees. Even if we are the boss, we should not look down at other employees just because their output is not satisfactory. We should talk to them constructively. And if they repeatedly do not meet their deadlines, then an immediate disciplinary action should be done.

5. Not supporting other employees so they would fail. This attitude is very ridiculous. If we are on the same company, then we must share the same goals and objectives. If we do not support and teach our subordinates, then there’s a high chance that they would fail. But it is not just their failures, but ours, too.

6. Shouting inside the office for whatever reason. Some employees shout at other employees to call them, because they are too lazy to come to them (even if there’s a chat facility). Shouts are very disruptive, unless your job requires you to do so (e.g. police officer or lawyer).

7. Intentionally not following instructions from superiors, unless reasonable. We know that not all instructions are reasonable, but let us talk to our superiors if their instructions may result to problems. This is to promote collaboration. Some superiors may not be approachable but we just need a little more confidence because it’s also part of our job.

8. Being conceited. I believe that humility is still the key to true success. Too much pride will just result to grave humiliation.

9. Being disrespectful. If we are part of an organization, then we are obliged to follow the rules, and one of the rules is to respect all employees regardless of ethnicity, religion, belief, culture, etc. This also includes any suggestive sexual acts. There should be no conflicts and barriers among employees to achieve a common goal. Divisions will result to eventual downfall of an organization.

10. Not telling the truth (or the entire truth). Some may think that only employees lie to their bosses, but bosses also lie to their employees. How can we achieve a common goal if we do not know the truth? It’s impossible. Lies and deceptions will only corrupt an organization.
Thank you for taking time to read this article. This is not to make myself look good, no. I am also guilty about many things. My motivation for writing this is to also remind myself of the dos and dont’s in the workplace, and to be aware of professionalism. Again, please feel free to post your comments below. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Professionalism in the Workplace

    1. Thank you very much for reading! 🙂 I hope you could also share with me some aspects in which you disagree. 🙂 I would like very much to learn and keep improving on what I know. 🙂

  1. Wow such a great article! Also I say is “Sorry na po!” Hahaha… looking forward to read more articles from you lester! 😀😀😀

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