How to put subtitles without using iTunes (iOS)

For those who still do not know, the files must be associated with the applications in your iPhone for them to be opened. For example, if you download a video from your cloud app, that video will not appear in your video player (such as VLC) automatically unless you copy it to the application.

To copy the file to the video player app, follow these steps:

  1. From your cloud/file sharing app (such as Google Drive and SHAREit, respectively), access the menu for the specific file.
  2. Tap “Open in”.
  3. From the list of applications displayed (depends on what you installed in your iPhone), choose “Copy to <your app>”. For example, “Copy to VLC”.
  4. You will do the three steps above both for the video file and the subtitle.

Note: The filename of the subtitle must exactly match the filename of the video (excluding file extension). For example, if the video’s filename is “My_Movie.mp4”, the subtitle’s filename must be “”. Why? So that when you play the video in VLC, it will automatically choose the corresponding subtitle for you.

If you are using Android, it’s easier because the files are not strictly associated with the apps. So you can just open the video player and browse for the video. Then upon opening the video, you can browse for the subtitle manually even if the subtitle has a different filename.


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