An Introduction to Computability Theory and Complexity

Have you ever wondered: What exactly is the device that you are reading this article on? What is a computer?

Computational science dates back to a time long before these modern computing devices were even imagined. In an industry where the more frequently asked questions revolve around programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, we often taken for granted the fundamental concepts that make a computer tick.

But these computers, which seem to possess endless potential—do they have any limitations? Are there problems that computers cannot be used to solve?

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Maximum Flow and the Linear Assignment Problem

Here’s a problem: Your business assigns contractors to fulfill contracts. You look through your rosters and decide which contractors are available for a one month engagement and you look through your available contracts to see which of them are for one month long tasks. Given that you know how effectively each contractor can fulfill each contract, how do you assign contractors to maximize the overall effectiveness for that month?

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