Datacap Studio Application Error

PROBLEM: When developing an application in Datacap Studio, the Datacap Studio window just closes and a message box is displayed saying something like "external component has thrown an exception...". SOLUTION: Just open Datacap Studio again. I don't know the exact cause of the problem... If anyone has additional knowledge about this, feel free to comment! … Continue reading Datacap Studio Application Error

Datacap Studio 8.1 UI Bug

We have experienced bugs in the user interface of Datacap Studio 8.1, particularly on the Test tab.PROBLEM:First, the Test tab displays the content of the Rulemanager tab. Second, it displays NOTHING. Yes, just nothing. Just white background without anything on it.SOLUTION:We just reinstalled Datacap and everything went fine as it should be. Restarting the machine … Continue reading Datacap Studio 8.1 UI Bug