Command Line Tools for Developers

In today’s online world, the battle to attract users continues to rage on, with app makers preferring either mobile or web apps. Desktop applications are becoming less and less relevant. Moreover, they also tend to be nothing more than rich clients to web apps—Electron being the popular platform of choice.

Does this mean we will soon abandon the desktop as a platform? No, of course not, I wouldn’t say that. Besides, while GUI apps seem to have been stalling recently, there is a segment of desktop apps that continues to grow.

Have you ever seen any movie featuring hackers? More often than not, these people are shown working in front of monitors displaying some sort of terminal (usually with a dark background and light foreground). This terminal, in turn, tends to be flooded with passing characters that apparently have some meaning to the person watching them.

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Windows: How to know which application uses a port

1. Run command prompt.
2. Type netstat -ano | findstr 0.0:<port>

For example:

netstat -ano | findstr 0.0:80


The 8080 in the picture is the process ID (PID). You may see the corresponding application of the process ID through Windows Task Manager. You may also use another application such as XAMPP and run Netstat.

If there is no application using the port you provided, it will not return any value.