IBM Connections 4 Installation

The IBM Connections 4.0 documentation says that the required fix pack for WebSphere Application Server 7.0 is fix pack 21 together with 5 interim fixes. However, I did not find the interim fixes (I became lazy in reading the labyrinth webpage). What I did was I proceeded with the installation of IBM Connections 4.0 later on.

There was a problem, however. During the validation of the first step of installation, it said that WebSphereOauthsp.ear is missing. Hmmm… A very vague error that misled me! Well, that was the consequence of not finding the interim fixes…

I did not stop thinking and come up with the installation of the latest fix pack for the AppServer, which is fix pack 25. Hooray! The error was gone!

But there’s more! When I successfully installed IBM Connections 4, there was a problem with logging out. When I logged out from some components (Activities, Profiles, etc.), it says “Access Denied”. What the…??

I thought that there might be a problem with the fix pack installed with the IHS and its Plugin. I did some reinstallation of fixes and after long time of working I came up with installing the fix pack 21 for the AppServer, again. And…. hooray!!!

And that’s the end of the story. I just wish that there won’t be any problems in the future with what I did…

Well, there are! In the end I just followed the documentation properly and did not deviate from the procedures.