IBM Connections 4: Population Wizard fails

The population wizard in IBM Connections enables the user to automatically populate the PEOPLEDB database with the required information from the LDAP. The information from LDAP such as user’s personal information are then displayed in the user’s profile in IBM Connections.

My environment:

  • IBM Connections 4.0 CR4
  • DB2 9.7
  • Domino 8.5.3

Problem Encountered:

The wizard fails when I assign a value in the Country field in Domino.

2-19-2014 10-19-37 AM

Solution I applied:

In Domino, I changed Philippines to ph. Connections validates this as country code; therefore, the entire word is invalid.



Problem Encountered:

The wizard fails because of telephone number (Office number).

Solution I applied:

Make sure that the character length of the value in Office number does not exceed 32.