WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5: Changing the console session expiration

The idle period, before the administrative console session expires, is referred to as session timeout. The default session timeout value for the administrative console is 15 minutes. The timeout value can be modified by using a JACL script that is available at the information center. [From: WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Administration and Configuration Guide for … Continue reading WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5: Changing the console session expiration

IBM Content Navigator 2.0.2 Ping page

Procedure To access the Ping page to find version information for IBM Content Navigator: Enter the URL from any browser with the following format: http://host_name:port_number/context_root/Ping By default, the context root is navigator. Tip: If you are using SSL, the protocol of the URL is HTTPS: https://host_name:port_number/context_root/Ping Example: https://myserver.mycompany.com:9080/navigator/Ping Source: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSNW2F_5.1.0/com.ibm.installingeuc.doc/eucts019.htm?lang=en

Cannot load Search Designer (Workplace XT) in Internet Explorer

Workplace XT version: 1.1.5IE version: 10Problem:When accessing Search Designer in IE, it says that it needs Java to run the applet. Although the Java is installed, IE still does not load the page.Solution:Make sure that the site is added to the Trusted sites zone.Steps:Go to Tools > Internet Options.Under Security tab, click Trusted … Continue reading Cannot load Search Designer (Workplace XT) in Internet Explorer

Process Engine Workflow Terminologies

Each workflow step is created in the Process Designer.  The step specifies what needs to be accomplished and included in order for the business process to continue. A workflow step has: Participants who are individually assigned to complete part of the workflow. Workflow groups to which work is assigned when it is to be completed … Continue reading Process Engine Workflow Terminologies

FileNet Process Engine Terminologies

The Process Engine Database is a Microsoft SQL or Oracle database that manages the process data. Workflows are data in the Process Engine Database. If the database is not working or properly configured, workflow activity is impossible. Isolated Region - a logical subdivision or partition of the Process Engine Database that separates work according to … Continue reading FileNet Process Engine Terminologies

Datacap Studio Application Error

PROBLEM: When developing an application in Datacap Studio, the Datacap Studio window just closes and a message box is displayed saying something like "external component has thrown an exception...". SOLUTION: Just open Datacap Studio again. I don't know the exact cause of the problem... If anyone has additional knowledge about this, feel free to comment! … Continue reading Datacap Studio Application Error

Datacap Studio 8.1 UI Bug

We have experienced bugs in the user interface of Datacap Studio 8.1, particularly on the Test tab.PROBLEM:First, the Test tab displays the content of the Rulemanager tab. Second, it displays NOTHING. Yes, just nothing. Just white background without anything on it.SOLUTION:We just reinstalled Datacap and everything went fine as it should be. Restarting the machine … Continue reading Datacap Studio 8.1 UI Bug